Dual Enrollment Form

Thank you for your interest in the Mission College High School Dual Enrollment Program. 

Winter and Spring 2024 online registration for dual enrollment students begins November 20, 2023.  Prior to that time, we encourage students to apply to the college and fill out the form below. When you submit this form, it will route to your high school official for review and approval.  After your high school approves your form, it will be sent to us. We will then assign you a registration date which will allow you to register on your own. 

Please allow 2-3 business days prior to the registration window opening to ensure processing

 Questions? Please contact the Dual Enrollment Team.

Term Information

Returning high school students must reapply to Mission College every application cycle. Have you completed your Open CCC Apply application for Winter/Spring 2024?*
Please select the term for which term you are requesting Dual Enrollment. A new dual enrollment form is required for each term (e.g. Summer, Fall, etc.) *

Please complete an Application through CCCApply .

Personal Information

If you've forgotten your ID number, use our tool to find it. https://web.wvm.edu/whatsmyid/gnumber
Date of Birth*
A Photo ID is required to process this request.
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Acceptable IDs: High school or College ID Government issued ID (CA ID, CA Driver's License, passport, Employment Authorization Cards) Government issued ID from another country

School Currently Attending

Counselor email associated with your High School

If your school is not listed please complete the alternative Dual Enrollment Form

Grade Level as of Winter/Spring 2024?

Student in the 9th Grade and Below

Mission College admits a limited number of students below the 10th grade to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program. These students often exhibit the highest levels of scholastic achievement, a desire to further challenge themselves academically, and the maturity to fully engage in college coursework.

Please visit our Webpage for more information here at Dual Enrollment Program.

Course Registration

Unit Limitations are applied as follows:

Fall and Spring Semesters

• High school students (not part of MECHS) are restricted to 8 units.

Winter Session

• Students, including MECHS and high school students, are restricted to a maximum load of 6 units. 

Summer Session

• Students, including MECHS and high school students, are restricted to a maximum load of 9 units.

Kinesiology courses with an activity component and 900-level courses are not eligible for Dual Enrollment. A listing of the eligible courses with a lecture only format can be found at this link

If a class is full, students may add themselves to the waitlist for the next available open seat. Should space in the class become available, students will be notified via email and have 48 hours from the time the notification is sent to register online. 

Students may only register for Mission College courses that have been approved by their high school.

Course Choice 1

Add a 2nd Course?

Course Choice 2

Add a 3rd Course?

Course Choice 3

Add a 4th Course?

Course Choice 4

Parent Information

Signature and Declaration

My typed name below signifies that I have read the Dual Enrollment Policies and declare that the statements and  information submitted on this form are true and correct.

Your dual enrollment form will be forwarded to your high school for review. Once approved by your designated official it will be returned to the Dual Enrollment Team for processing.

Parents’ Expectations and Responsibilities:

1. Ensure that the student’s maturity level and academic preparation are appropriate for the college-learning environment. The content in some classes may not be suitable for minors. 

2. The student must have access via cell phone to a parent/guardian in case of emergency. 

3. Be advised that Dual Enrollment students are treated like any other college student; therefore a complete Mission College Authorization form and photo ID is required if a parent/guardian wishes to conduct business on their student’s behalf. 

NOTE: For safety and liability purposes, all students under 18 years of age will be identified to the Instructor.


Registration Restricted to the above Courses Only

I certify that the above recommended courses are based on the student’s ability to benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work. 

I certify that I am the High School Principal / Designee and authorized to sign this form.

The course selection listed above is approved.*
Courses are eligible for High School credit.
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